Maradcopy- Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Copywriting.

Do you need a professional copywriter to create compelling contents for your business and give it a six figure lead? Look no further, because “maradcopy” is a professional copywriting service business with skilled copywriters that has great bias in copywriting business. We create web copies, sales copies, media copies, promotional copies ad copies and search engine optimization copywriting, to promote your business, make it rank higher in search results, and increase sales. Maradcopy will give your business the lead and put it ahead of your competitors. With our five years experience in copywriting, and experienced copywriters, we can guarantee you value for your money.

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How To Start Your Own Copywriting Business With Ease.

Copywriters are always sought after by small business owners, especially new businesses, big companies, corporations and organizations. To write copies as sales copies, media copies, web copies, promotional copies or advertisements that will promote and enhance the visibility of their business(Products and services) to their prospective customers and clients. They create compelling contents that’s capable of sweeping anyone off his or her feet, thereby making them deep their hands into their bags or wallet to patronize the business. It helps businesses increase sales and gives them a six figure lead in their marketing prowess. Are you an intending copywriter, willing to start your own copywriting business? Do you have passion and creativity for copywriting, And you’ve mastered the art of playing with the right words? If you answer yes to these questions, then you’d not have any difficulty starting your own copywriting business. Starting your own copywriting business is very easy and does not cost much to start, except you want to start off on a larger scale. First of all, you need to have an accessible office space were you do your job, and your clients can also locate you. You can equally start from your home if you do not have the money to rent an office space, what matters is having all the necessary facilities you’ll use to do your job, and most importantly, think of a unique business name you’ll be using as your brand, then register it with your local business registration organization. The next thing you need to do, is to print your business card with your name, business name, contact details and services, then give it out to friends, colleagues, relatives , you can also approach different organizations and let them know what you do. It is also a form of advertising your business, when they have any copywrting job, they can contact you to do it for them. A lot of business organizations actually source out their copywriting jobs to professional copywriters and they pay them handsomely for it. You need to also have your own letterhead, a set of computer, printer, scanner and photocopier with a very strong and reliable internet connection to be able to do a thorough job and satisfy your clients. These are the few basic things you’ll need to start your own personal copywriting business. As your business expands, you might need extra hands to be able to meet up deadlines, you can hire someone to assist you with other things as, graphic designs while you focus on the copywriting job. Copywriting business is obviously very easy to start, but takes time to grow because of the competition involved, but if you can prove yourself to be a very proficient copywriter, people will come looking for you. The most important aspect of this business is getting clients, you need to go out and tell people what you do, advertise your business both online and offline, make use of the various social networking sites as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus etc, to build your business profile. And when you get your first client, endeavour to impress him or her, in other to attract more clients. Your charges will depend on the quality of your job or your copywriting skills and the volume of copywriting job given to you. The more quality job you do, the higher your charges. As a starter, you can charge between $250-$300 per copy, while more experienced and famous copywriters charges between $1500-$2000 per copy. It all depends on your pedigree and experience in copywriting. YOUR COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED! start-copywriting-business-cover-large_1

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Is Copywriting Business Really Good For You?

Copywriting is gradually becoming really big business in the world today. This business is thriving because new businesses are springing up and new products and services keeps flooding the market. Copywriting business was not much as popular in the 80’s and early 90’s as it is today. The popularity it has garnered is as a result of the information technology(IT) era we are in, and also the need for new businesses to advertise their products or services and to attract more customers and clients. The whole essence of copywriting is to create copies, in the form of sales copy, media copy, advertisements, headlines, catalogs that will help to advertise a new business(products or services) and convince the readers to try out such products or services or turn them into prospective buyers. Therefore, Copywriting is an art of creating convincing and compelling contents aimed at transforming prospective readers into prospective buyers. It requires your creativity, ingenuity and good use of compelling words to drive home your objective. Your objective is to turn reader into a buyer, generate leads and increase sales for businesses. In as much as this business is fast growing, and every writer wants to get into the business, before going into it, you must first find out if this business is really good for. You definitely need to discover if you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this business, so that you don’t fail along the way. I don’t intend to scare you from going into copywriting business, it’s quiet an easy business you can start with little capital and from your home, but you need to be creative in your use of words, your passion and patient will always help you to succeed in it. You must not have a university degree in copywriting to succeed in this business, but it will be an added advantage and will also add to your profile. But if you can prove yourself to be a very good copywriter to individuals, business organizations, companies and industries, then they’ll actually be looking for you to create advertising copies for their businesses. Copywriting isn’t just about rhetorics, having a good handwriting or knowing how to write very well, it is about your creativity, using uncommon terms to quantify the value of the business, your mental picture of the particular product, and researching on what people actually wants or what they’re looking forward to getting from that product or service. You may be a very good writer, but your contents might not be compelling and convincing enough to make your readers bring out their money to patronize a particular product or services, and this means you lack copywriting skills. There are three different classes of copywriters: The C-class copywriters are actually the novice in copywriting business, who are just starting off, and looking for clients to patronize them, and give them job from which they can start improving on their career, because they learn from their mistakes. This class lacks the necessary copywriting skills and creativity, but they can improve as they keep writing and discovering their mistakes. You need to first give yourself a copywriting test, write copy about a product and tell your friends to rate you, or probably offer free copywriting services for someone, and get their response or feedback after some weeks, to see how good you are. The B-class copywriters are those that have spend sometime in copywriting business , but they still make some silly mistakes which always cause their clients to pay more to correct it. This class always makes one mistake or the other, and keeps giving reasons for their mistakes and ask for more money from their client to correct them. The A-class copywriters are the professionals. They are the excellent copywriters that can create perfect copies that will give your business a seven figure lead. They are usually hired by large businesses, big organizations and corporations to create copies for their business, or they sometimes work for this organizations. To become a very good copywriter, takes sometime, and probably many years of practice depending on your skill or talent in writing. You need to read copywriting books by great copywriters, search the internet to discover this professional copywriters and learn from their success. Develop your skill through practice by creating a blog or website, then pick up a particular product and write about it. Always do this for different products and see how your readers will respond. You can also apply for a freelance job online, attach Yourself to other copywriters and comment frequently on their blogs or website. Copywriting is really a very big business, and very easy to start. Just take time to develop your copywriting skills and you’ll definitely see yourself at the top. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENT!

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Copywriting Vs Technical Writing.

Copywriting and technical writing will definitely become big business in future, as long as new technologies keeps evolving and new products or services keeps emerging. This business will certainly thrive in these information communication technology(ICT) era. Therefore, if you’ve got a skill in creative and analytical writing, or you can create compelling contents that can make people develop interest in bringing out their money to patronize a particular new products or service, then i urge you to consider starting a copywriting and tech writing service business. You can copywrite for private business owners who wants their business to be known, or more people to know about their products or services, and drive both online and offline traffic. You can also be hired to write copies for big organizations, companies and corporations if you’re able to offer quality and professional copywriting services. A lot of big organizations, corporations and emerging small businesses are looking for professional copywriters and tech writers to advertise and promote their business online and offline through creating compelling contents that will help them drive more traffic to their business, and also increase sales. You must not have a degree in journalism to be able to do this business, all you need is your passion for writing and being creative in writing. This business promises a great deal in future. However, copywriting is very distinct from technical writing. Copywriting is a copy written to advertise a particular new products, and make people have interest in trying out such products. It is carefully written to compel people to make a purchase for that product. The words are carefully chosen, if it is written for online purpose, the right search engine friendly keywords are meticulously chosen to make it rank higher in search results. Copywriting can be in the form of a: Sales copy, media copy, breaking news, press release, catalog, SEO, email marketing etc. If you choose to write sales or media copy, then your creativity must come into play. You must be very creative in choosing the right compelling words that will turn your readers into prospective buyers. The use of graphic designs can also be adopted, to further pass the message across to your readers in a graphic manner. This will definitely give them a picture of what you’re writing about. Now, lets briefly consider technical writing. Technical is written to pass information across. It is not meant to advertise any particular product or service, it is used to inform people about any new development or how to make use of any particular piece of equipment. It can be on: computers, new software, new technologies, emerging diseases, new ways of doing online business, and how to solve a particular problem. Technical writing is aimed at giving directives on how to solve a particular problem or resolve any issue. It is commonly used in government circles to give directives on how a particular problem will be tackled to bring about a solution. It is usually in the form of a white paper, which contains various steps to handling a peculiar situation. To succeed in this business, you must research consistently to discover new and emerging opportunities, then put it into writing to keep people informed. Copywriting and technical writing are both similar in nature, because they’re both ways of passing information across. But while copywriting is for advertising a particular product or service to make people become aware of such product, and probably, purchase it. Technical writing is only meant to inform people about recent developments in technology, energy, science, business, disease, etc, and how to use a particular new piece of facility. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS! Technical+Writing

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Why Copywriting, Technical Writing And Content Marketing Will Become Big Business In Future.

The world is undoubtedly fast becoming a global village because of the Information Technology(IT) age we find ourselves. New technologies are fast evolving, new ways of doing business on the internet, new products and methods of manufacturing them, new marketing and advertising strategies and also more economical and efficient ways of getting things done. Therefore, knowledge is increasing rapidly by the day, and information dissemination is necessary to propagate this growing knowledge. As technology is evolving and knowledge is on the increase, it won’t be out of place to predict that, Tech writing, Copywriting for business and content creation and marketing will definitely become a very big business in future, because they’re all modern ways of getting information across on the internet.

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How To Start A Social Media Marketing Campaign For Your Business.

socialmedia marketing.. Do you really want to launch your business on the various social networking sites as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc, and probably take your business to the next level in the business world? Then social media marketing is probably your reference point. Social media has become a force to reckon with, as long as business is concerned, especially in these days of Information Technology. Business owners all over the world, consumers , customers and clients and everybody are fast becoming aware of the importance of being on social media. Having said this, it is very apparent that a good number of your potential clients and customers are actually looking forward to seeing your business on major social networking sites. But perhaps your business does not have a presence on the social media, then i can undoubtedly tell you that you’re eluding yourself of the advantages of marketing your business on social media , and let your potential customers, clients and fans find you.Is-Social-Media-the-Answer-for-Start-up-Marketing. Business has gone past a stage where customers and clients needs to come down to your local store, but now, its all about online marketing and networking. Leveraging social media for marketing and growing your business opens your business door to a wider online audience participation and networking. Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and pinterest are very big social networking site every business should have a presence in. Facebook alone has over one billion users worldwide. To start and succeed in social media marketing , you need to invest your time, and employ all the necessary tools needed to succeed in it. In launching your social media marketing campaign, your first target out to be to create a facebook business page with your business name. A facebook page gives you the liberty to engage and interact better with your fans, clients and customers, you tell them more about your business and you also know what they expect from you. Other social media platforms where you need to launch your social media marketing capaign are: Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and all other social networking sites. Twitter is next to facebook in terms of user population. And it is a micro-blogging site, where you share updates about your business with your followers, and whever your followers clicks on the link, it takes them to your blog or website where they will get the full details about your business. You use linkedin to connect and network with other professionals who also share similar business ideas with yours. The social media is a very good place to start off your marketing campaign. Always find time to update your fans, clients and customers about your business(Products or Services), it is very necessary. PLEASe POST YOUR coMMENtS. social-media-website

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Why You Need To Hire A Professional Content Creator To Give Your Business The Lead.

Content creating for your business is king. And it is the main thing in making your business go viral on the internet, because it puts it ahead of your competitors and gives your business the lead. Creating content for business to make it visible to major search engines as: Google, Yahoo and Bing isn’t just about rhetorics, knowing how to write or being a good writer. You can be a prolific writer, or talented in writing but your content might not be good enough for business, to give any business the lead. Content creation for business is an art of creativity, and it requires being skillful in knowing the right search engine keywords that will be relevant to your business.9B4XMKEL3PhaJ8oMpINi7x1Uj3G2FqshQP3gdg5TdbifKtXAfH-DtLayKe78l-j46DgOiscKtwizByUIMgWGNdJOaKLaDygW-Dg9P8qG_12T6Wc2qmJy-OgkFg. This absolutely requires a lot of research on the right keywords that will enhance the visibility of your content to this search engines, and rank your business higher in search results. A professional content creator is one who has mastered the art of online content creation for business, and knows a lot about search engine optimization (seo).

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How To Create A Good And Compelling Content For Your Business.

Having established the fact that content creation has the capacity of transforming your business, and making it a global business. It is also very imperative to state that not all contents are good enough to compel or convince anyone to pick up a particular product and develop interest in purchasing it. Content creation is an art of creativity, and any content created with the intention of driving traffic to a business or changing anyone’s mind about a particular product or service must be compelling and convincing enough to do just that. Creating content to compel someone to bring out their money to purchase a product, especially a new product isn’t just about rhetorics or writing to impress them. This is why you need to hire a professional content creator that will use the right search engine friendly keywords to drive traffic to your business. Content creating 1. A good content for business, either a product or service must be compelling appealing enough to be able to woo some potential customers and clients into patronizing a particular product or services. For you to be able to create a very conspicous content that’s capable of wooing anyone, you must be able to visualize what the people wants, and what appeals to them. This is definitely where your creative and imaginative mind comes in, because you can obviously not go about asking people what they want or expect from the product. You need to use your creative, imaginative and intuitive mind to know what your potential clients and customers expects from the products, then use your analytical mind to analyse the product in writing.Content creating

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Why Content Creation Is Necessary For The Survival Of Your Business On The Internet.

Online content creation is the life of any business on the internet. Creating search engine friendly contents is one way of advertising your business and making it go viral on the internet. A lot of small business owners are now taking advantage of the internet to market and advertise their business, either products or services. Therefore, if your business isn’t yet visible on the internet, then i suppose you’re actually eluding yourself of the possibility of making use of the internet to grow your business and be above your competitors. It is important for you to know that so many of your potential customers and clients search for your business on major search engines as:, and Bing. Why? Because they actually need the best products or services, finding your business on the first page of search result makes them have confidence in your business.01_gettingstarted creating content. The only way to make your business(products or services) visible to major search engines and by extension to your potential customers and clients on the internet, is by creating search engine friendly contents for your business, through using the right keywords that are relevant to your products or services.whats_important. It is the easiest and less expensive way of advertising your business online and make it go viral on the internet. You can create content for your business yourself or hire a professional content creator to do it for you, using the right keywords.

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What Is Maradcopy?

Maradcopy is an acronym for: Marketing and Advertising Copywriting. It is a leading online Marketing, Advertising and Copywriting service business organization. We help businesses carve out a niche for themselves on the internet, and also drive more traffic to your business. We tell people about your business, your products or services, thereby, helping you increase the number of your customers and clients and also increase sales and grow your business through copywriting, and online advertising and marketing.Ejims pix 2

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