The Fear In The Mind of Every Small Business Starter.

The thought of starting a new business by anyone will definitely cause a lot of panic or jittery in the mind. Especially, if the conceived business is totally new and the business starter has no knowledge of it or has not successfully run a business before. I understand the fear in the mind of anyone intending to start a new business. This fear has undoubtedly prevented a lot of people from kick-starting their planned business. You’ve got a good business idea, well-thought out and well-planned. But you’re still developing cold-feet in putting in capital to launch the business. Why? The truth isn’t far-fetched, read on, to discover your fears in starting the business and how you can overcome this fears. The hard truth is that, it takes risk to start a new business. Starting a new business is like embarking on an unknown journey with no clear destination. You go into it, put all your resources into it without knowing what will come out of it. Like i said earlier, starting a new business is all about taking risk, and the thought of the risk of investing your capital without being assured of getting it back, is what generates this fear. Until this fear is overcomed or subdued, you can never start the business. There are so many fears in the mind of so many small business starters. The fear of succeeding in the business, the fear of getting clients or customers, the fear of investing, probably your last capital without any assurance of getting it back, and the fear of how to advertise the business and convince people about it. All these fears are centred around just one fear, which is the fear of succeeding in your business. Fear is a natural thing in the mind of everyone. Everyone fears different things, even the bravest of men do fear at times, and this is because fear is natural, especially fear of the unknown, including going into a totally new business. Fear means, false experiences appearing real(fear). This certainly means that fears are false experiences that appears so real, but not actually that they are real. It invariably means that what you fear may never come to reality. This should give you some level of confidence in starting your business, because the fear of not succeeding may never come through, especially if you had taken time to write out the business plan and the strategies you’ll employ to succeed in it. Another method to help you overcome the fears of starting your business, is to have a back-up plan. Don’t invest all your capital into the business. Always reserve some money for contingencies and to leverage on, should incase a need arises. It will give you some backbone and the courage to start your business without any fear of losing everything. I encourage every small business starter to always reserve some money to serve as back-up. It is unwise to invest all your capital into a business you intend to start, it is risky, unsafe and ill-advised. It has always been said that business should be started on a small scale, even if you’ve got enough money to invest in it. You need to start small, nurture the business until it grows. Resist every fear of failure that wants to hinder you from starting your business, then go ahead, take the bold step and courage to start it. Because you never can tell, that small business you want to start today, might become a very big business corporation tomorrow.


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Perfectionist, Self-sacrificing, Enterprising. Strong belief in justice and equity.
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