One Major Reason Why Your Small Business Will Fail.

Business is good for everyone, and i will seriously advice you to start a business today. Because it is the only panacea to financial freedom, and the earlier you start thinking about starting a business, the earlier you get to know the benefits of owning your own business, and the more closer you’ll be to financial breakthrough and freedom. Business could be in the form of product marketing or service provision. Whichever type you’re into, or you intend going into, will definitely depend on your skill, what you love, what you want or what you think will work for you. The paramount aim of starting any small business is to make money and see the business grow. But it is quiet unfortunate that a lot of small business owners and starters do not realize this objective, probably because of a number reasons. Now, stating the obvious and well known fact, before going into any business, you must have a good knowledge of the business by researching about it and asking questions, you must have a business plan of how you want to start and run it in other to achieve your goals. But knowing all the nifty-gritty involved in starting, running and succeeding in your new business will not suffice. I have seen a lot of businesses with great business plans that pretends to be flourishing, but collapsed after sometimes. I have also seen new businesses that started very well, but failed within the first one year of kick-starting it. Business is all about people, connections, satisfying the people, meeting their needs or wants, making them have confidence in what do, proving to them that you’ve got what it takes to satisfy their wants. If you’re offering a service that people does not need, or you’re marketing a product that they do not want. You cannot succeed in that business, because you’re not connecting with the people. Going into a business that does not appeal to the people will cost you your startup capital. Before going into any business, you must first look within your environment or locality to discover what the people are looking for, and be determined to meet their needs. However, I’ve seen very good businesses, with excellent service provision or well-packaged products, but they do not generate as much sales as commensurate to the amount of finance and hardwork being put into it, I’ve also seen some less-packaged or average businesses which attracts more customers and clients and generates more six figure leads in terms of sales. What is the secret? The secret is simply “Advertising”. Advertising is the soul and life of any business, it is the extraneous thing when it comes to doing business. You can spend so much money in starting your business to make it appear very conspicuous to your potential clients and customers, but without adequately advertising it, and telling people what you do or what your business is all about, you’ll not be generating enough sales, and your business cannot go too far. Business is all about connecting with your potential customers and clients, both online and offline. Let people know what you do, you can start with you friends and families, mostly people you know and extend it to others. There are various available means of advertising on both off and online. The various social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google places, Linkedin, Pinterest and other major social sites are very good platforms to advertise your business online. Blogging, creating Web copies, SEO copywriting are also very good ways you can advertise your business on the internet and drive online traffic to your business. These online advertising methods are very important because majority of your potential customers and clients are online and on various social media, and some make use of the search engines like: Google, Yahoo, and Bing to search for various businesses. When they find your business on the internet through these search engines, it boosts their confidence that they’ve actually found what they’re looking for. Online adverts is one major way of driving traffic to your business and letting people know what you do. This is why you need to hire a professional content creator or a good web copywriter to write copies for your business, in other to make it visible to search engines. You also need to register your business with your local business search engines, like “vconnect” in Nigeria, and get your business listed on their business directory. There are also various media you can use to advertise your business offline, you can use the media houses or the print media, but this is quiet expensive especially for a small business starter like you. You can also hire a good copywriter, to create sales copy, media copy, press releases who can use compelling and convincing words to turn your readers into prospective buyers. Copywriters use compelling words to tell people about your business (Products or Services) and why they should patronize your business, and help you increase sales.


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