Is Copywriting Business Really Good For You?

Copywriting is gradually becoming really big business in the world today. This business is thriving because new businesses are springing up and new products and services keeps flooding the market. Copywriting business was not much as popular in the 80’s and early 90’s as it is today. The popularity it has garnered is as a result of the information technology(IT) era we are in, and also the need for new businesses to advertise their products or services and to attract more customers and clients. The whole essence of copywriting is to create copies, in the form of sales copy, media copy, advertisements, headlines, catalogs that will help to advertise a new business(products or services) and convince the readers to try out such products or services or turn them into prospective buyers. Therefore, Copywriting is an art of creating convincing and compelling contents aimed at transforming prospective readers into prospective buyers. It requires your creativity, ingenuity and good use of compelling words to drive home your objective. Your objective is to turn reader into a buyer, generate leads and increase sales for businesses. In as much as this business is fast growing, and every writer wants to get into the business, before going into it, you must first find out if this business is really good for. You definitely need to discover if you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this business, so that you don’t fail along the way. I don’t intend to scare you from going into copywriting business, it’s quiet an easy business you can start with little capital and from your home, but you need to be creative in your use of words, your passion and patient will always help you to succeed in it. You must not have a university degree in copywriting to succeed in this business, but it will be an added advantage and will also add to your profile. But if you can prove yourself to be a very good copywriter to individuals, business organizations, companies and industries, then they’ll actually be looking for you to create advertising copies for their businesses. Copywriting isn’t just about rhetorics, having a good handwriting or knowing how to write very well, it is about your creativity, using uncommon terms to quantify the value of the business, your mental picture of the particular product, and researching on what people actually wants or what they’re looking forward to getting from that product or service. You may be a very good writer, but your contents might not be compelling and convincing enough to make your readers bring out their money to patronize a particular product or services, and this means you lack copywriting skills. There are three different classes of copywriters: The C-class copywriters are actually the novice in copywriting business, who are just starting off, and looking for clients to patronize them, and give them job from which they can start improving on their career, because they learn from their mistakes. This class lacks the necessary copywriting skills and creativity, but they can improve as they keep writing and discovering their mistakes. You need to first give yourself a copywriting test, write copy about a product and tell your friends to rate you, or probably offer free copywriting services for someone, and get their response or feedback after some weeks, to see how good you are. The B-class copywriters are those that have spend sometime in copywriting business , but they still make some silly mistakes which always cause their clients to pay more to correct it. This class always makes one mistake or the other, and keeps giving reasons for their mistakes and ask for more money from their client to correct them. The A-class copywriters are the professionals. They are the excellent copywriters that can create perfect copies that will give your business a seven figure lead. They are usually hired by large businesses, big organizations and corporations to create copies for their business, or they sometimes work for this organizations. To become a very good copywriter, takes sometime, and probably many years of practice depending on your skill or talent in writing. You need to read copywriting books by great copywriters, search the internet to discover this professional copywriters and learn from their success. Develop your skill through practice by creating a blog or website, then pick up a particular product and write about it. Always do this for different products and see how your readers will respond. You can also apply for a freelance job online, attach Yourself to other copywriters and comment frequently on their blogs or website. Copywriting is really a very big business, and very easy to start. Just take time to develop your copywriting skills and you’ll definitely see yourself at the top. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENT!


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