Copywriting Vs Technical Writing.

Copywriting and technical writing will definitely become big business in future, as long as new technologies keeps evolving and new products or services keeps emerging. This business will certainly thrive in these information communication technology(ICT) era. Therefore, if you’ve got a skill in creative and analytical writing, or you can create compelling contents that can make people develop interest in bringing out their money to patronize a particular new products or service, then i urge you to consider starting a copywriting and tech writing service business. You can copywrite for private business owners who wants their business to be known, or more people to know about their products or services, and drive both online and offline traffic. You can also be hired to write copies for big organizations, companies and corporations if you’re able to offer quality and professional copywriting services. A lot of big organizations, corporations and emerging small businesses are looking for professional copywriters and tech writers to advertise and promote their business online and offline through creating compelling contents that will help them drive more traffic to their business, and also increase sales. You must not have a degree in journalism to be able to do this business, all you need is your passion for writing and being creative in writing. This business promises a great deal in future. However, copywriting is very distinct from technical writing. Copywriting is a copy written to advertise a particular new products, and make people have interest in trying out such products. It is carefully written to compel people to make a purchase for that product. The words are carefully chosen, if it is written for online purpose, the right search engine friendly keywords are meticulously chosen to make it rank higher in search results. Copywriting can be in the form of a: Sales copy, media copy, breaking news, press release, catalog, SEO, email marketing etc. If you choose to write sales or media copy, then your creativity must come into play. You must be very creative in choosing the right compelling words that will turn your readers into prospective buyers. The use of graphic designs can also be adopted, to further pass the message across to your readers in a graphic manner. This will definitely give them a picture of what you’re writing about. Now, lets briefly consider technical writing. Technical is written to pass information across. It is not meant to advertise any particular product or service, it is used to inform people about any new development or how to make use of any particular piece of equipment. It can be on: computers, new software, new technologies, emerging diseases, new ways of doing online business, and how to solve a particular problem. Technical writing is aimed at giving directives on how to solve a particular problem or resolve any issue. It is commonly used in government circles to give directives on how a particular problem will be tackled to bring about a solution. It is usually in the form of a white paper, which contains various steps to handling a peculiar situation. To succeed in this business, you must research consistently to discover new and emerging opportunities, then put it into writing to keep people informed. Copywriting and technical writing are both similar in nature, because they’re both ways of passing information across. But while copywriting is for advertising a particular product or service to make people become aware of such product, and probably, purchase it. Technical writing is only meant to inform people about recent developments in technology, energy, science, business, disease, etc, and how to use a particular new piece of facility. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS! Technical+Writing


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