Who Hurts Most?

Have you been hurt by someone? A stranger, close friends, family, relative or someone you love and respect so much. How did you react? Or probably, you’ve hurt someone yourself. How did they react to you? Like a famous Scientist, Sir Isaac Newton in his work called “principia” in 1884, stated. “To every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction”. Different people reacts different ways to the same action against them. This is why i’m introducing the book, titled ” Who Hurts Most”. In this book, you’ll discover 3 categories of human beings in the world and how they react to any action against them. It is a very interesting book.angerWho hurts most 2. Different people possess different traits. In this book: You’ll discover the 3 kinds of reactions by different people, the category that hurts most, the category you belong, why people act or react the way they do, where to categorize everyone you relate with and how to relate perfectly with everyone around you.


About princewillejikeme

Perfectionist, Self-sacrificing, Enterprising. Strong belief in justice and equity.
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